C. H. Desafinado

Champoy was born in Camp Phillips, Bukidnon. He loves making noise and music with other people in Los Angeles and tries to get away with it by calling it "art". He has been previously making recordings under CH Desafinado for the past three years. Other people know him only as Champ. He is consistently out of tune all the time. "Desafinado' is a bit of a word puzzle. In Portuguese and Spanish, 'afinar' means 'to sharpen' so the past tense, 'afinado' means 'sharpened.' The 'des' prefix is the same as 'dis' in English; it reverses the meaning. So 'desafinado' would literally mean 'not sharpened.' But it this context it really means that the musical notes haven't been sharpened; therefore, 'not tuned', 'discordant', something along those lines." (from www.knowyourmusic.com)


i'm sorry you don't like me

1. the end of childhood
2. the universe is within
3. i saw the man, the man is a donkey
4. im sorry you dont like me
5. what is wrong with the way i live
6. where is spanky
7. after hours (vu cover)
8. you are the greatest of machina
9. a glitch is the asterisk machina
10. my baby hates music
11. is it that hard to love me
12. success


how can you say im lying when im telling the truth?

1. the boy is a failure
2. naked lunch
3. los angeles
4. do the nothing
5. every dream is a disaster waiting to happen
6. distant shores
7. as if for the first time
8. there is no ending


crooked spine sex moves

1. come play with me
2. sex and noise
3. short life of a positive feeling
4. the great beyond
5. the meaning of death
6. you fucked it up by saying i love you